Dragon Ball Z Buu’s Fury ROM

Exciting and the best game with many challenges and many more

Games are most important and exciting thing which people love to do. Most of the people spend their leisure time on playing various games and so they feel relief and free while playing. Even from many generations we do play a lot of games and in present generation as technology develops on regular basis, these games are made available in online also. Playing these games will definitely be very much exciting and challenging too. One of such a game which is very exciting and challenging is Dragon ball z buu’s fury rom. The main these here in the game is, a player should be very attentive while playing, as it is a very big advantage to play the game. There are many tricks and strategies which everyone needs to be completely aware of.

Play the Dragon ball z buu's fury rom game for free

Here in this game, the player will have to save the earth from a giant pink puff. And this pink puff really loves to eat candy allot. This is one of the games of series- Goku. Here in this game, you will be taken to a dragon ball world. The story in the game is- a new threat will plague the whole earth and so here, Gohan and all other Z Warriors will have to stop this from happening. Before pink puff destroys the whole world, the player will have to save it from him. If it is too late, pink puff will turn everyone in to popcorn and also ice creams.

Dragon ball z buu’s fury ROM

This game has almost the same contents from the previous two series and so it is not at all different from those both, so this makes people feel easy to playa and enjoy the game in same way how they loved the other two. This game is the third one in the whole series of Goku which was released by Legend Atari’s.

There will be many challenges and games which the player will have to pass them through, so here there is no point of worrying if you are a beginner. Because IGN will definitely help you to get over all the issues easily.

How to control the game

Menu selection:

D Pad- this will allow you to browse all the menu options.

Button- this is used for confirm selection.

B Button – this is used for selecting Cancel.

R Button – this button is used to Cycle through all the pages of the Menu to the right.

L Button – this button is used to Cycle through pages of the Menu to the left.

Start Button – this helps us to return to the game.

Select Button – this button is used for nothing and so it doesn’t have any use at all.

  1. Text Commands:-

D-Pad – it does nothing here.

A Button – this button helps you to advance the text which helps in continuing reading.

B Button – this is used for skipping the dialogue box.

R Button – used to Move the dialogue box around.

L Button – used to Move the dialogue box around.

Start Button – this button Does nothing.

Select Button – this option does nothing.

Controls in game:-

D-Pad – this option is used to move around and also be operated by double tap a direction and hold it to run.

A Button – used for the Melee attack.

B Button –used for the Energy attack.

R Button – this button has to be hold down to block. Not only this but there is another facility here i.e., by holding this button and also the B button it enables the energy shield block

L Button – this is a cycle used through Energy attacks when you face them.

Start Button – this option gives us a facility to pause the game and brings up the Menu.

elect Button – this button will pause the game and brings up the Mini Map. Not only this but it also has some other facility here and i.e., player should press L button for scouter screen. And then highlight someone on the screen and then hit the A button to get all the data.

Different types of modes to play

It is very common that, most of the games will have many type of players so that, this makes the game even more interesting. So here also in the same way, there are some modes to play the game. And they are-

Single player:- only one player alone can play the game.

Multi-player:- this can be played by many people but it is compulsory that, both of them should be having Download a free Dragon ball z buu's fury romGameboy Advance and also a copy of Dragon Ball Z. Gameboy Advance Link Cable is also required here. And this link will enable two other options for the players to play with and they are:-

Trading post:- here in this type of game, both the player and also another friend of yours can trade Zenie. Not only Zenie but also all the items and equipment’s in the game. Story items can never be traded by anyone and when your choice is chosen the player will have to press the R button. By pressing this button, it will show us what is being traded and then A button will confirm it. B button will help to cancel it.


again here in this game there are two type. They are- balanced and In-game mode.

Balanced game:- this will let the player fight with one another among all other characters. Not only characters but bosses also can be fought with and beat in the game. As the player keeps fighting more, there will be more characters getting unlocked.

In-Game: – this will let you to load the saved game from the one with which you fought previously. Here there is a plus point by using the saved game. In a saved game, already the player will be strong enough and so it will be easy to fight with the other player. And this will definitely lead to success based on the progress if playing.

So these are the different modes of playing the game and all these will give people utmost excitement in all ways and they will be very much happy to experience it.

The game screen

In this game, the game screen has many options which make it easy for people to play it and here are the options which are on the top of this game screen. There will be bar on the top left hand corner in screen and this will enables all other options which are made available for the players. They are:-

Energy attack:- this option is shown at the top left box. And this symbol defines the level of energy attack, the player is currently using in the game. It is just a small picture which shows you what you are using at that particular moment and this is the same in all other series also.

Yellow triangle:- this option will help to understand the super saiyan recharge timer. The player can enable this super saiyan option if the timer is completely full. Then the Z icon will represent the super saiyan attack also in yellow.

The Bars

Red bar:- this shows the hit points of the player and if it gets completely emptied then that means the player is defeated.

Green bar:- this shows the energy points and it gets emptied, then that means the player cannot perform any more energy attacks. It will automatically get refilled after sometime. But it is highly suggestible for all the players to not completely depend on this bar. So other than this, using a drink item or level up will be much better and useful also.

Yellow bar:- whenever a player becomes a super saiyan then this bar will overlap the green bar and this bar helps in determining how long the super saiyan will last. And also in the meanwhile, all the players’ energy attacks will consume this bar and so it doesn’t affect the green bar at all. Whenever a player hits the enemy, he will gain a small amount of energy each and every time he hits the enemy. But the disadvantage here is, it will not even take a second to lose the level of bar.

Black or blue bar:- in this game, defeating the enemies plays major role. And so, if a player defeats many enemies this bar will automatically fill up completely in blue colour and when this bar becomes full, then the player will gain a level and this bar will be reset automatically.


this will appear right next to the bar on the screen. This will be appeared only when the player gains a level up. And this will help you in letting know that, you have some stats which can help in increasing the power f characters. Whenever a player uses a stat, this will keep blinking up or flashing.

So here is some of the valid and very much useful information about this famous game. We are sure this will definitely help people in many ways. Download the Dragon ball z buu’s fury rom files now and have fun.