Buu’s Fury ROM

Best world with all the exciting features in it

Playing games is the best and most exciting thing ever and that is the reason why people actually play allot of games on regular basis. People have been playing many games since many ages and generations but there are many other games which have become very famous in present generation. So there are numerous games which can also be played online as technology develops on regular basis. Buu’s fury rom is one such a game which is very famous and also very highly popular game all the time. Download the Buu’s Fury ROM files below.

Download the Buu's fury rom files

This game is the third one among the series of Goku and is also one of the best. All these games are almost similar to each other and so people will definitely not find any difficulty in playing this game. But it has some more features when compared to others and people will definitely feel super excited to play the game. Buu’s fury rom has many characters in it and people can keep unlocking these characters by playing more and more games. These characters can be unlocked also by fighting with enemies. There are many other prizes and exciting gifts which people will get while playing the game.

Dragon ball world

Here in this game, people will be taken to the dragon ball world. And here are some of the things which exist in that world. They are:-

Save circles

capsule corporation logos will be found everywhere on the floor all over the game and just by standing on them, the player can actually save their game and also switch characters. Again when the player wants to load their game, it will be very much easy and will be dropped exactly where the game is saved previously.

Character change circles

these are like smaller versions of save circles. These character change circles will allow you to change any type of character as per your interest. But here the game cannot be saved.

Fight circles

there are different circles in this game here and all these will help you in moving from one place to another and here someone will take you to a completely new area which is just a few feet away from you. These areas will be represented by some energy Aura. This energy is surrounded by Z fighter when he flies and so the player should only for them in the ground if they need one.

World map circles

these circles will be represented by the blue globe of the world. The player can stand on these and immediately can return to the world map. Not only returning but he can also fly around to next destination also. When a player stands on these world map Fast Buu's fury romcircles, player will notice airships and also many submarines. And if player gets in to contact with them, he will enter a small battlefield. Or sometimes he might also find Zenie and many other items also. So every player should be completely be sure to run in to own whenever it is possible.

Instant transmission circles

these circles will easily allow you to teleport. Not only from one place to other but worlds can also be teleported easily and can also explore them.


there will many items or things like rocks which falls in to this category and when you attack them, they may sometimes drop Zenie or items and also sometimes any other equipment too. So every player should be sure to destroy them whenever they find one.

So these are some of the important things in game and people should be completely aware about these. This world looks super fun and exciting to play. And with all these features in them, make it even more great to play. So people should be completely aware of everything in this game and should enjoy to their heart content.

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