Dragon Ball GBA

Unique game play and plot which excites people allot

Games are one of such a thing which every person or human being in this world definitely love to play with. These games give very much relief while playing and so it is actually very good to play games also. There were many from many generations and also in present world the number of the games increased allot. All these are super fun and exciting to play with. Online games have become very common and so people are enjoying them even more whenever they want to play. There are many famous games in the present generation which people are completely crazy about and one of such a game is Dragon ball gba. This is one such a game anyone will just love to play in all means.

Play Dragon Ball GBA together with friends

This game is the third one among the series of Goku and all these three series are very much fun to play with. They are not very much different from one another and so people will never find any difficulty or anything else while playing. There are many exciting features in this game when compared to the other two. Dragon ball gba is a video game series for the game boy advance. And all these three games are completely action role playing games. This was released in 2004 and in 2016, web-foot technologies announced the development of another sequel in near future.

Game play:-

  • This game play is completely unique and different and also very much fun and filled with excitement too. Here the player controls a dragon ball character and can also experience all the various portion of this franchise and also here combat is the main focus in this game.
  • Player can just hit the buttons and can easily operate all the things which he need. By pressing A, physical strikes will be activated. By pressing B, it will allow the player to unleash many varieties of energy based attacks.
  • And also here there will be energy attacks. And these energy attacks will drain the energy meter. This energy meter recharges when it is not in use by the player in game.
  • These energy attacks can be cycled through by pressing the L button. And not only this, but many more energy attacks will be learnt by the player as they game levels up or progresses gradually.
  • There were many transformations made in this game as the series keeps developing and here by defeating the enemies, player will receive experience points also. Not onlyFreeDragon ball gba this but these points will allow the player character also to level up and will grow very much stronger.
  • There are many consumable items in the game. And all these items will feature or restore the player characters health or energy. Equipment will also be restored as they level up on regular basis. Stats can also be easily seen here in this game and much other basic information also.


  • The plot here is very unique. The game covers the story for a dragon ball until the planet named Namek gets destructed completely.
  • Here Goku is a character and he will have to travel through many stages and also should transform in to many other characters. He should also travel many locations of the earth and Namek planet.
  • This will help him in gaining experience. Defeating enemies is also a part of it and many other simple missions are also needed to be completed.
  • In the final stage of the game, Goku will transform in to super saiyan. And by transforming like this, he will be able to defeat Frieza. This is a very common character in all the series.

So these are some important things which everyone should be aware of before playing this game. All these will definitely help in one way or the other. Download the Dragon Ball GBA files and have fun!

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