Dragon Ball Z GBA

Super exciting game with best characters involved in it

There are many games in the present generation which people love to play with. These games are not only being played by kids but also many elder people also as it really give them relief from all the stress and many other things which they face problem with. As technology develops on regular basis in present generation these games are also completely made online and so people will definitely love to play them. There are many games which are released in many sequels also. And Dragon ball z gba is also one such a game which is very much fun and super exciting.

Download the Dragon Ball Z GBA files

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This game is one of the series of game boy advance and it is really very much fun to play with. The other two series were also very popular and people completely loved playing them and also the same happened here two. Dragon ball z is the third among the series of the game and there are many features in common when compared to other series as well. This series was released in 2004 and the next sequel will be developed by web-foot technologies as they announced it will start from 2016.


There are some characters here in this game and they really look attractive and interesting to play with. These characters have their own speciality and so people will get different types of benefits from them separately. Once the game starts, the player will be taken in to the dragon ball world to play in. Goku was the only character in the very first series. But the characters keep developing from the next series and it has become even more fun to play. Other characters include Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, Vegeta, Hercule.

Here Trunks is a kid and also the future too. Here in this game a fusion concept is indulged in it. And this fusion concept allows some fo the characters to combine with each other and this will definitely boost both of their skills, powers and can New Dragon ball z gbaalso change their appearance too. There are three fusion characters made available in this game. And these characters are- Gotenks, Gogeta and Vegito. This Vegito is a one-time playable only.

Modes of game

There are many different types of modes made available here in this game. And all these help people in choosing different type and enjoying with it. Some of the modes are:-

Story mode

here the mode will be based on a story and that is, Goku will be on his way for the adventure of his lifetime.

One-on-one mode

this mode of fight exists where one can engage in the battlefield with the player as well an opponent also. This is same like all other battles in the game and it is highly used one among all the players.

Versus mode

this is a type of multiplayer mode in this game. And so here any two players can actually compete among each other with all the facilities available and also many other.

Extra mode

Once the Gokus story is completed in the game by the player, another extra mode will be unlocked and it is very fun to play with. And here in this extra mode, the player will be given a chance to again go to the story mode and also can replay the game. Here the player will have to complete two primary objectives and they are:-

  1. The red doors in the game will be opened. Many items will be placed in the stage and also mini-games will be unlocked by finding all the 54 items.
  2. 28 characters will be showed here in this mode other than Goku and Krilin. And all the characters here in this game have their own powers and hidden capability in them.

Download the Dragon Ball Z GBA game files today and have fun!

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