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Best and useful tricks for this exciting game

There are many online games which are made available in present generation as technology develops on regular basis. All these games have many interesting and exciting features which are actually very good and challenging for all the players. So people are very much addicted to these games and play them on regular basis. One of such an exciting and excellent game with best features and design is Dragon ballz rom. This game has a best storyline in it and this is what people are completely addicted to. Download the Dragon Ballz ROM files below.

Get the Dragon Ballz ROM files for free

Here the whole story rotates around pink puff which is about to destroy the whole world. This pink puff basically loves to eat candy allot. It has a power to turn all the people and things in this dragon ball world in to popcorn and ice cream. So before this danger happens it is Gohan and other Z Warriors responsibility to stop this from happening. This Dragon ballz rom is the third series among all the series of Goku. This was developed by legend Ataris and this game was really very famous and all the three series were very popular. If you are playing this game and are facing some problem with anything related to the game then there’s no need to worry about it as, IGN will definitely help you in all ways possible. So all the beginners can make a good use of it.

Tips and tricks

For any kind of game, tricks and strategies are very much important to be followed and so here also the same. There are some important tricks which people should be completely aware of before starting the game. They are:-

To be able to competently fight with enemies being healthy is very important. Sp healthy food and drink should be compulsorily maintained. Senzu is also needed to be carried alongVirus free Dragon ballz rom with. All these will be useful at any time as no one knows when you will be in need of these.

1 or 2 Lazarus crystals are very much important to be carried with the player all the time and if you are short of them you can any time purchase from the old man to the north of the entrance in west city. The cost will be around 5500 Zenie each. Whenever you die in the game, this crystal will help you. And this is the reason why it is safe to have one all the time.


Levelling is very much important in any game and the same happens here also. It is highly recommendable to get at least 20-30 levels tops. This increase should happen in every game chapter or in every new area also. Levelling up by 10-15 levels will be the best and also very much safe. Every player can always be at the end situation but it is always better to be at the high so that no problem arises.

Weights on the player’s hands and feet should be equipped on regular basis in order to gain the levels faster and these will definitely give more experience by doing in this way. It is highly recommendable to always try and find a best place where you can actually gain allot of experience after killing enemy. So after killing an enemy just stay there until you get any and then just keep moving on.

Airship is the best and safe place to start and also end the game with. When majin Buu in the airship gets defeated then it will be very much easier to win the game.

So these are some of the best and also very much useful tricks. We highly recommend you use them when playing the game. All these will definitely help the players in winning the game easily.

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